Personal Safety and Security

This engaging and interactive workshop provides employees with practical tools and techniques to enhance and protect their personal safety and security.

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Personal Safety and Security

This engaging and interactive workshop provides employees with practical tools and techniques to enhance and protect their personal safety and security.

Work related violence and aggression is defined as ‘any incident in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work’ and can and does occur in all walks of life.

In this interactive workshop we focus on principles and avoidance strategies that can be applied in the real world and which aim to increase both confidence and competence.

We can also provide an immersive drama-based conflict management package for organisations where this would be appropriate. These are always full day sessions and include practical prevention techniques as well as an opportunity for students to use and gain feedback on their defusion skills. Quotes for these drama-based workshops, which are developed specifically to meet the needs of the client, are available on application.

Why choose the British Safety Council?

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    We are one of the world’s leading health and safety organisations

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    Our tutors are experienced in managing work-related violence and aggression risks and are also great facilitators

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    No 'death by PowerPoint' – this workshop is student-centred, interactive and outcome-based

Who would take this course?

Anyone whose job role presents the potential for conflict, aggression or violence. This may include those that travel, work in the community, work with clients that pose a risk or in a job that itself creates potential conflict.

Most common job titles of students

Front of house / hospitality
Retail worker
Housing officer and housing support staff
Probation officer
Mental health worker
Community worker
Sales representative
Parking attendant
Inspector / revenue protection – transport
Teacher and support staff
Security and guarding

The course on Friday was very interesting and the trainer was very engaging and informative. It was good to learn more about how to act in certain situations and how to spot danger. It was also interesting to reflect on the processes we have in place already and the ways in which we can improve them
BBR Limited

Learning outcomes

Core Knowledge

Upon completion of the core knowledge element of the workshop, learners will:

  • Understand the causes of conflict and aggression
  • Be able to identify personal safety and security issues during their working day
  • Understand a range of proactive steps and practical strategies to reduce personal safety and security risks (this will focus on the groups needs)
  • Understand individuals’ ‘threat response’ and our choices when faced with threatening situations
  • Produce a personal action plan of changes that can be made after the course to improve their own personal safety and security

Additional Modules

  • Strategies for staying safe when travelling – by car, public transport, taxis or walking
  • Staying away for business – personal safety in hotels and abroad
  • Dealing with difficult situations when 1:1 with clients – tailored either for home visits or interview rooms etc.
  • Assessing potential threats using situational, behavioural and self awareness
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills to avoid or defuse situations
  • Principles and techniques for managing conflict; maintaining rapport, personal space and your personal safety
  • Exit strategies and calling for back up and support.

How can I study?

The recommendation is that we deliver a one-day workshop with the ‘core knowledge’ module plus a choice of additional modules to meet the needs of the organisation and their specific lone working issues.

Although we recommend the full-day course, a half-day version can be delivered upon request. This could include either the ‘core ‘knowledge’ module OR a choice of modules from the additional modules depending on the client's needs and their specific lone working issues.

In your workplace

We can visit your workplace and deliver this half-day course on a date of your choice – an effective way of training a group of people as it saves on travel costs and allows participants to keep in touch with work.

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    Cost-effective option for a group of managers

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    Discussions can be company-specific

  • Policy-and-opinion-white-359x202.png

    Opportunity to share concerns and ideas and work on solutions during the day

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    Expert advice from an independent practitioner

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