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Mental Health: Manage the Conversation

‘Manage the conversation’ is a three-hour workshop which gives line managers the skills and confidence to help employees with their mental health. 

Managers and supervisors are increasingly being approached by employees who are suffering with poor mental health. For many managers, this is a challenging prospect and they may find this kind of conversation difficult.

By the end of the session, attendees will know what steps they should follow if they are concerned a colleague may take their own life.

The three-hour workshop ‘Manage the conversation’ will also provide line managers with the skills and confidence to listen to and talk with someone who feels that they need to share a problem regarding their mental health. 

The workshop is not intended to provide technical knowledge on mental health conditions, nor does it cover treatment options for sufferers of mental illness.

Why choose the British Safety Council

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    We are one of the world’s leading health and safety organisations

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    Our tutors are experts in health and safety and are great facilitators

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    No 'death by PowerPoint' – this workshop is student-centred, interactive and outcome-based

Learning outcomes

At the end of the workshop line managers will have gained a basic understanding of:

  • What mental health is
  • What stigma is and ways to overcome it
  • Ways to care for your own mental health and support the mental wellbeing of others
  • Some common mental health issues  
  • How to respond to someone who you believe may imminently take their own life   
  • Some basic communication skills that will increase your confidence in being able to listen and talk with someone in need of emotional support.


Benefits to your organisation

  • Upskills line managers to talk confidently about mental health
  • Allows line managers to help employees who may have mental health issues
  • Strengthens the mental health ‘culture’ in the organisation
  • Equip managers to respond appropriately if they believe a colleague is likely to imminently take their own life. 

How it is delivered?

We can visit your workplace on a date of your choice to deliver this three-hour workshop.

In your workplace

We can visit your workplace on a date of your choice to deliver this workshop. With 16 places on each workshop, we can raise awareness and confidence among 32 line managers in a single day.

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