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Mental Health First Aid course

Our mental health first aid course is a two-day training programme that teaches people to spot the symptoms of common mental health issues and recognise the early signs that someone may need support. 

A trained Mental Health First Aider in your workplace can start productive conversations about mental health, be a role model for how to manage mental health, promote greater understanding of the importance of mental health, and play a significant part in ending stigma and discrimination around mental health in the workplace.

Upon completing the course, students will become certified mental health first aiders in the workplace and can help colleagues with a mental health issue receive the support they need to recover or manage their symptoms. Both public courses and workplace training are available.

The British Safety Council offers public courses in London. Alternatively, our expert tutors can visit your workplace and deliver this two-day course to groups of up to 16 employees. 

Upon completion of the two-day course you will receive a Mental Health First Aid certificate from MHFA.

Select a study option:

At a training centre

In your workplace

Why choose the British Safety Council?

  • Rosette-white-359x202.png

    We are one of the world’s leading health and safety organisations

  • People-white-359x202.png

    Our tutors are fully qualified instructors accredited by Mental Health First Aid England.

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    No 'death by PowerPoint' – learning is student-centred and interactive

What’s in it for me?

At the end of the training, you will have a greater understanding of mental health and well-being, and be able to identify the key signs of mental ill-health and know how to address these. You will know how to deliver prompt and timely support to someone who is unwell to increase their chance of mental health recovery.

Who should attend this session?

People with good interpersonal skills who would like to support colleagues facing mental health issues, and improve understanding and attitudes towards mental health in the workplace.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Recognise the symptoms of mental ill-health
  • Provide initial help
  • Guide the person towards appropriate professional help
  • Be mindful of their own wellbeing. 

How can I study?

We recognise that everyone is different, which is why we offer a choice of study routes.

You can attend a course at our London training centre or we can deliver the course in your workplace.

In your workplace

We can visit your workplace and deliver this two-day course on a date of your choice. This is an effective way of training a group as it saves on travel costs and allows participants to keep in touch with work.

Why in your workplace?

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    Cost-effective option for a group of learners

  • People-white-359x202.png

    Expert teaching by an experienced tutor

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    Class discussions can be company-specific

  • Hand-button-white-359x202.png

    Allows students to keep in touch with work

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At a training centre

Our well-equipped training centre in London allows you to get away from the distractions of the workplace and focus on the course. Courses are held throughout the year.

Why a training centre?

  • Training-white-359x202.png

    Focused study away from workplace distractions

  • People-white-359x202.png

    Expert teaching by an experienced tutor

  • Membership-white-359x202.png

    Tutor support for individual learners

  • Policy-and-opinion-white-359x202.png

    An opportunity to interact with and learn from other students

London - Hammersmith

British Safety Council

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Tuesday 30 October 2018

£295.00(exc. VAT)

30/10/2018 (2 days)


Monday 19 November 2018

£295.00(exc. VAT)

19/11/2018 (2 days)


Thursday 06 December 2018

£295.00(exc. VAT)

06/12/2018 (2 days)



Monday 25 February 2019

£295.00(exc. VAT)

25/02/2018 (2 days)


Wednesday 24 April 2019

£295.00(exc. VAT)

24/04/2019 (2 days)