International Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health

This qualification is designed for anyone responsible for managing aspects of an organisation's health and safety, and leads to membership of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health at Technician level (Tech IOSH).

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International Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health qualification leads to membership of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health at Technician level (Tech IOSH). It is vital because employers have an ethical and legal obligation to keep their people healthy and safe. Good health and safety is good for business.

Despite advancements in health and safety, people continue to be killed and seriously injured at work. In addition, employers can find themselves faced with court fines and costs, increased insurance premiums, compensation claims, reduced productivity, damaged reputation and lower staff morale.

The vast majority of occupational accidents and incidents of ill-health can be avoided by good health and safety management. The British Safety Council offers this internationally-recognised and comprehensive qualification for people with responsibility for aspects of health and safety in the workplace.

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What does it cover?

International Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health qualification covers several important topics related to the health and safety responsibilities of employers and employees, bearing in mind the influence of international agencies and standards. It also covers the organising of health and safety in the workplace, which includes developing a positive culture with the aim of preventing accidents.

The importance of effective occupational health provision will be impressed upon the learners, together with the implementation of health and safety management systems plus risk assessment and risk management. They will become far more aware of the hazards and risks associated with workplace activities.

International Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health is a comprehensive programme, which covers risk control, fire prevention, the managing of emergencies and the reporting and investigating of incidents the workplace. It also extends beyond the workplace by teaching how to consider and act upon any impact that activities may have on the environment.

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How does it work?

Approved Centres deliver the learning (recommended 60 hours). Tutors must hold a Level 6 qualification or equivalent in a relevant subject and have a teaching qualification. Centres subsequently request the examination on a date and time of their choosing. Scripts are marked by external examiners with the results and certificates issued within 20 days.

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