No-one should be injured or made ill at work.
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19 Dec 2016
A birthday message, Mike Robinson Our Founder James Tye believed that no one should be injured or made ill at work. He campaigned tirelessly to improve health and safety standards for over 40 years and in that time achieved some significant changes. But there is still work to do. Read more
12 Dec 2016
Ringing the changes, Louise Ward It’s the time of year when we tend to take stock, looking back over the last few months and forward to the challenges likely to be presented in the new year. Read more
14 Nov 2016
The mark of a civilised society, Mike Robinson Next year we celebrate 60 years of the British Safety Council and this is a moment to savour with real pride. Read more
14 Nov 2016
Breaking down barriers, Louise Ward It’s been a proud summer for British athletes, and the achievements of Team GB, first at the Invictus Games and then at the Paralympics demonstrate clearly that being physically different doesn’t limit your capacity to achieve amazing things. Read more
19 Oct 2016
The talking cure, Mike Robinson Barriers come big and small, from Donald Trump’s Mexican wall, to the slightly more modest BA i360 terrorist prevention barrier featured in last month’s Safety Management. Read more
14 Oct 2016
The perils of risk communication, Mike Robinson The legal requirement to inform and instruct workers about health and safety is pretty simple and well established. Read more