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Lawrence waterman chair elect of the british safety council

‘There is no health without mental health’ is the vision of Mates in Mind. It has been two years since the Mates in Mind charity started focusing on mental health within the construction industry. This was a direct response to the stark reality of the growing evidence surrounding mental ill-health within the industry, where the fatality rates of suicide were much higher than any other workplace accidents.

Since launching, we have reached 274 supporters and our impact report tells the story of the rapid progress in our first full year of activity. Mates in Mind has been a catalyst for driving a concerted cultural change in our industry. It does not take long now to hear instances of how a worker, aware of their mental wellbeing, has felt able to talk to a colleague whom are resourceful in providing a caring ear as well as confidently referring to where more help can be sought. Workers are well equipped to spot changing behaviours of their colleagues and to intervene early on in order to raise concerns and potentially save lives. Before Mates in Mind, this was rarely the case.     

Our ‘Start the Conversation’ concept has changed how workplace mental health is addressed. Looking ahead, there is still much work to be done to encourage workplaces, regardless of sector, to take this simple, yet very crucial, initial first step forward.

If what we do interests you and you are keen to help campaign in order to increase the awareness of mental health then there is now a rare opportunity to join the Mates in Mind Board as a Trustee.

As a Trustee of Mates in Mind, you will take part in our vigorous work to eradicate the stigma around mental health and protect vulnerable people in the workplace as well as support employers to realise that, having a positive approach to the mental health and wellbeing of their workers, helps to increase employee engagement and productivity

Steve Hails
Mates in Mind, Chair for the Board of Trustees

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