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Culture Change

A programme to help you create a positive health and safety culture via workshops, tools and technology.

Achieve an inclusive culture
Reduce accident rates
Sustain improvement
Monitor your safety culture
Build resilience to withstand changes
A big factor within safety culture is responsibility. We tend to leave that out but you need to get people to accept their responsibility. Once you get that acceptance of responsibility, they will accept leadership. Our culture change programme has enhanced that ten-fold.
John Morgan
Health and Safety Director, Kier Group
Who is it for?
Any workplace that:
  • Wants to develop safety behaviour and change culture
  • Has already implemented health and safety policies and is looking for the next step
  • Is looking for a tool to engage people in health and safety issues
  • Needs to build consistency in behavioural safety into the supply chain
  • Challenges accepted health and safety shortcuts
  • Wants to improve the perception of risk in the workforce.
What does it cover?
By changing your culture and increasing staff engagement with your health and safety procedures, you can make a measurable and positive difference. Our culture change programme provides you with practical tools to engage with workers at all levels. We look at leadership and learning, individual engagement and community engagement through a process of:
  • Identifying needs and setting vision and strategy
  • Testing reality and creating plans
  • Executing plans, leadership/skills/training/coaching
  • Testing success

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Culture change factsheet and case study

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We are passionate about enabling cultural and behavioural change with a focus on employee engagement. Our Culture Change programme enables you to create a positive health and safety culture, engage your organisation and make your workplace safer. 

On average, our clients achieve a 30% reduction in accident rates within the first year, rising to 80% over five years:
  • Access our practical tools to change behaviours and culture
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your safety culture
  • Achieve a more open and inclusive health and safety culture
  • Sustain improvement in safety outcomes
  • Build resilience to withstand changes in your workplace.
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An example of the benefits of a programme of safety culture change is illustrated by the Kier Group.

Company name: Kier Group
Sector: Construction
Location: Worldwide
Size: 12,000 employees

Business issue
The company wanted to develop a safety culture change programme for their UK regional construction business, which manages the safety of 4,000 direct employees and thousands more in the contractor supply chain.

The disparate and fluid nature of the workforce presented a challenge when trying to drive a positive change in safety culture and particularly in sustaining that change over the long-term.

What happened?
In order to meet this challenge and achieve the objectives we worked with Kier Group to implement a staged programme, with the aim of leaving them with a sustainable process that they could own and deliver themselves.

Our work included:
  • Spending time with Kier Group designing the programme objectives and long-term vision.
  • A safety culture assessment that tested the current culture and benchmarked it against the positive safety culture that Kier Group wanted to achieve. The information gathered was used to design the Positive Safety Leadership Programme.
  • We trained internal experts at two levels to implement the programme:
    • Regional steering groups to establish support and drive improvement long-term.
    • Safety Champion Lead Trainers to train selected Kier Group employees to deliver workshops across the rest of the business.
  • We continued to support these Champions to teach managers to be more effective leaders through a change in mindset. Using our practical engagement process – SUSA (Safe and Unsafe Acts) – they improved the safety culture across the entire business (including sub-contractors) one conversation at a time.

The programme reduced injury rates and increased the number of SUSA discussions. Increased engagement is helping to positively change culture and create a source of learning and improvement.

In total, Kier Group has now seen an overall reduction of 70% in their AIR (Accident Injury Rate) over the last three years and the number of SUSA conversations is now more than 150,000.

A major benefit for Kier Group has been the impact of the lead trainer aspect to the programme. Many of these trainers have become passionate champions, engaging colleagues and resulting in a positive safety culture.

Over three years our service resulted in:
  • 70% reduction in injuries
  • Over 150,000 SUSA conversations
  • Safety culture champions in place and making positive improvements.

Useful download
Culture change factsheet and case study

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We work in partnership with Tribe, intelligent culture change, delivering health and safety culture change programmesOur culture change programme provides you with practical tools to engage with workers at all levels. Our approach is tailored to your workplace and the delivery will be targeted to meet your needs.

The structure of the delivery will be adapted to your circumstances. We will take the following approach:
  • Help you to determine suitable and realistic goals to improve your safety culture
  • Assess the current safety culture within your organisation and use that information to suggest the best approach for you to achieve these goals
  • Help you to achieve these goals by enabling your people to deliver change through a mixture of workshops, tools and technology
  • Support you as you learn from the improvements that have been made, building and refreshing the programme as your safety culture progresses.
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