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Wellbeing Theory of Change

British Safety Council’s Keep Thriving campaign has been developed using a theory of change model. This is a new way of thinking about how we can deliver real change. Our theory of change sets out the goal, the outcomes, the roadmap and measures needed to achieve the goal. We have included our assumptions and a set of metrics by which to measure success.


Our goal is that workers are thriving. We believe that harnessing the skills, talents and contribution of every employee should be at the heart of a successful business.


It involves employers, government, and society giving a higher value to wellbeing. This will require behavioural change and a change in the national cultural mindset. Small but consistent good habits ultimately lead to results that are unimaginable.


It means that leadership of health and wellbeing comes from the highest level within an organisation.


It demands investment by organisations in wellbeing measures that employees want, with workers involved in the development of a wellbeing strategy.

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    Keep Thriving Manifesto

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