Naturally for a discipline that weighs risk, cost and reward, much of health and safety is contested.

Often, there are no clear facts. Instead, our opinions reflect judgements based on years of experience. We can be trusted to offer opinions on what should be done to safeguard worker’s safety, health and wellbeing and ensure businesses thrive.

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  • Louise-Ward-240x240.png
    03 July 2017

    Everyday heroes

    Like many of you, I chose a career in health and safety because I fundamentally believe that everyone has a right to go home safe and well at the end of each working day.

  • Mike-Robinson-240x240.png
    27 June 2017

    Stormy Times

    With one political earthquake followed by another it’s natural to want to bury your head in the sand. It’s hard to engage when even trying to reflect on one event is quickly elbowed out of view by another news story clamouring for attention.

  • Louise-Ward-240x240.png
    23 May 2017

    Home and away

    I heard a shocking statistic this week. Someone told me that one in three working families in Britain are just one pay cheque away from losing their home! The statistic, from research by Shelter, also reveals that one in three low earners regularly borrow to cover their rent and that 150 families become homeless every day.

  • Mike-Robinson-240x240.png
    15 May 2017

    Past, present and future

    On 23 March we hosted a film night at the Regent Street cinema in London. This venue was the home of the first films ever shown in the UK back in 1896 when silent images of a train pulling into a station, shot by the Lumiere brothers, shocked the audience so much that some, it’s reported, ran out of the cinema concerned for their safety!

  • Louise-Ward-240x240.png
    11 May 2017

    Design takes the driver’s seat

    Throughout history, human beings have sought opportunities to increase value, efficiency and productivity while reducing the requirement for effort and interaction.

  • Mike-Robinson-240x240.png
    02 April 2017

    The right balance

    It is really pleasing to see an increasing focus on health at work in the UK. For many years safety has taken precedence, but economic, social and political changes have driven a change in approach, and there is now much more discussion about health, wellbeing and sustainability.

  • Louise-Ward-240x240.png
    10 March 2017

    Looking for a wider scope

    This month I would like to share with you an extract from the British safety Council’s response to the government’s Green paper Work, health and disability: improving lives.

  • Mike-Robinson-240x240.png
    22 February 2017

    Lead the conversation

    A few weeks ago the British Safety Council, together with the Health in Construction Leadership Group, launched Mates in Mind, a revolutionary new turnkey approach to promoting mental wellbeing at work.

  • Louise-Ward-240x240.png
    03 February 2017

    The power of kindness

    The lighter and brighter days of spring are around the corner, why not use Time to Talk day to encourage your colleagues to talk over mental health for a greater sense of wellbeing?

  • Louise-Ward-240x240.png
    26 January 2017

    For a more dynamic communication

    Our new digital archive illustrates over 60 years ago British Safety Council promoted campaigns from the amusing to the controversial. Have we become too corporate about Health and Safety?