Campaigns and policy

Ensuring that no-one is injured or made through their work is a joint effort. We continually engage and work with members and others to protect people and enable businesses to thrive, whether promoting awareness raising campaigns; advocating policy positions and research or acting as a platform to share insights and inform consultations.


Our campaigns reach out to those people who are vulnerable to poorly managed health and safety, and those who can make a difference. This includes existing members of staff, those new to a job, and employers.

Central to our campaigns is people’s wellbeing and helping to ensure that no one is injured or made ill through their work. Health, safety and wellbeing has been a priority for the British Safety Council for nearly sixty-five years.

Our most recent campaign, Keep Thriving, aims to help improve the wellbeing of workers, within and outside of the workplace, so that all of us can thrive. Our other key campaign Time to Breathe raises awareness of the risks of air pollution to outdoor workers.

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    Keep Thriving

    British Safety Council launched its Keep Thriving campaign; to help improve the wellbeing of workers, within and outside of the workplace, so that all of us can thrive.

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    Time to Breathe

    We're calling on employers, policy-makers and regulators to start taking seriously the risk of ambient air pollution to the health of outdoor workers.

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    Future Risk

    The world of work is rapidly changing, as are its associated risks, whether from increasing automation, new materials, insecure job contracts or reduced regulatory resources.

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    Business benefits of good health and safety

    We believe that it makes good business sense to invest in people and processes to improve health, safety and the environment.

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Policy influencing and impact

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    Our manifesto

    The British Safety Council's manifesto, Working Well, outlines five steps for healthier and safer work activities.

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    Our impact

    Thanks to our close relationships with business and 60 years of working with the Government, we're able to develop positions and inform consultations that influences health and safety policy and law.

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    Positions and key issues

    Our policy positions set out what we believe and capture the organisation’s view on key topical issues and are developed in collaboration with members and others to ensure that they remain current.

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    Sector Interest Groups

    We host sector interest groups (SIGs) that meet on a regular basis to discuss key issues, share views, get involved in campaigns and discuss good practice and new research.

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How to contribute and get involved

Our engagement with politicians and civil society through campaigning and sector interest groups are crucial for us to influence health, safety and environmental regulations.

You can get involved online through blogs, Facebook, Twitter or contact a member of our Policy and Research Team on [email protected].

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