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The Future of Health, Safety and Wellbeing in the Workplace, British Safety Council conference, Bahrain

Feb 2019
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InterContinental Regency Building No 130, Road 1507, King Faisal Highway

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The British Safety Council is hosting it's second annual conference in Bahrain. This conference will focus on ways organisations can make steps to achieve the very highest health and safety standards. Our conference will feature expert speakers, case studies and thought leadership sessions to help your organisation prepare for the challenges ahead.


9:30    Registration 
10:00 Introduction and welcome Mike Robinson, Chief Executive, British Safety Council

The importance of top management leadership

Organisations around the world are currently going through unprecedented change and during this time of change there is still much to do from a health, safety and wellbeing perspective. In order for change to happen though, cultures and attitudes need to change too, which means that leaders need to recognise and commit to the required changes and then embed this new thinking throughout every area of business and maybe even society. Get involved in the debate about how top management leadership and worker participation in health, safety and wellbeing strategies will be key. Hear the latest thinking that you can use to develop strategies within your business.


Hafedh Al-Qassab, Director of Major Projects Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco)

Preparing for the future workplace

We are in the middle of what some are calling the 4th industrial revolution. However we describe it, radical change is happening right now across many industries and health, safety and wellbeing professionals are having to adapt. Technologies like AI and automation are starting to expand across industries, there is a rise in gig economy and our mental and physical health, even our very sense of self is at risk. Find out from Mike Robinson, Chief Executive Officer at British Safety Council, how you and your business can prepare for this uncertain world ahead.

Mike Robinson, Chief Executive, British Safety Council

11:15  Break


Virtual reality – training showcase

With the recent release of the Oculus Go, a fully functional self-contained VR headset can be purchased for under £200. It is no longer prohibitively expensive to purchase enough headsets for an entire class to use simultaneously. But how can VR be used effectively in training? Can it just be used to teach process or can it also be used to influence and change behaviour? Isn’t VR training just glorified gaming anyway?

In this session, James will discuss:

• making an impact through engaging the senses and evoking emotional responses
• creating memorable experiences
• challenging learners attitudes towards risk assessment

James Mansbridge Head of Digital Learning, British Safety Council

Promoting positive workplace culture

The session will cover the three stage approach to culture change and demonstrate what it takes to drive a movement where people choose to do the right thing, because they know it’s the right thing to do. Sharing examples and case studies that demonstrate how clients have discovered the reality of their present culture, and created a roadmap of training and engagement at every level of the organisation to drive a sustainable change. 

Clare Solomon Creative & Commercial Director, Tribe Culture Change

12:45  Lunch 


13:45  Stream 1: main room 

Adopting ISO 45001 : A new international standard for health and safety management

James Lewis, Head of Audit and Consultancy, British Safety Council

13:45  Stream 2: break out room 
  Wellbeing within the workplace Dr Carolyn Yeoman
Operations Director OCAID Wellbeing

14:45  Break 

15:00 Panel discussion Q&A  Panel chaired by  James Mansbridge Head of Digital Learning, British Safety Council
15:30 Closing remarks Mike Robinson, Chief Executive, British Safety Council
15:40  Close 

Striving for Excellence, British Safety Council conference, Dubai



Who should attend?

  • Health, safety and environmental managers and practitioners
  • Directors, senior managers and leaders with a responsibility for health and safety
  • Risk managers

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Event Details

Date: Sunday 3 February 2019

Duration: 1 day

Venue: InterContinental Regency Bahrain 

Building No 130, Road 1507, King Faisal Highway, Manama, Bahrain

The event is free to attend.

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