Globe of Honour 2019

Chief Adjudicator’s Report

In 2019, 10 submissions were received for the Globe of Honour awards and 9 (90%) of these were adjudged to have reached the pass standard. There is no quota of Globes to be awarded and nor will there be in future years. If every applicant meets the minimum criteria, every applicant will be awarded a Globe of Honour.

General Comments

This report should be read in conjunction with the Sword of Honour Chief Adjudicator’s report as the comments therein equally apply to the Globe of Honour. Where OHSMS is referenced in the Sword of Honour Chief Adjudicator’s report this should be read as EMS and applied to the Globe of Honour as the comments apply in the context of the EMS. 

In respect of Q2. which differs from Q2 within the Sword of Honour scheme, the feedback is as follows:

  1. With relevant reference to the outcomes from your recent Five Star Audit: Describe how you intend to use the audit recommendations to enhance your site’s move towards recognised international and national Sustainable Development Goals.


This question gave the applicant the opportunity to describe and discuss the intended application of audit recommendations – taking real and tangible value from the audit. There was a great opportunity for the applicant to score well here as the scope to discuss and describe intention to apply and actual application was considerable. Enhance was the key word here and gave the applicant the opportunity to respond based on where they were in their own environmental and sustainability journey.

The highest scoring applicants made a clear and explicit link to a range of national and international sustainability goals and then discussed how the site had identified which of the goals were appropriate and why. They then went on to describe how they had been/would be applied – in this case credit could be given for intention to apply as well as actual application providing this was discussed fully.

Weaker submissions focus on more site specific environmental issues and had a local focus that failed to discuss national and/or international goals. High scoring applicants supplemented their answer with a range of national/international site specific relevant examples.

Highest scoring applicants built on the above and went on to describe how the audit recommendations helped to shape their thinking, identify relevant goals and map out a timeline to achieve them – they also discussed resource requirements, opportunities and risks.