Application format and scheme notes

Application format 

The application format requires applicants to answer a structured four-part question. Each sub-question must be answered in no more than 750 words and a maximum of 15 marks will be credited to each sub-question.  

The questions address a particular theme or focus that is aligned to the structure of the Five Star Audit specification model. As in previous years, the questions and marking criteria remain unique to each award series and applicants are reminded to prepare their responses with careful reference to the published marking scheme. 

Scheme notes

Weighted scoring 

40% of applicants’ scores will be determined by reference to their performance (audit scored outcome) in the Five Star Environmental Audit process and the remaining 60% will be based on the outcome of their written submission.  

Questions and marking Criteria


The British Safety Council reserves the right to withhold, suspend or withdraw the award of a Globe of Honour at any time should the applicant organisation have not met the eligibility criteria or failed to fully disclose any material facts that bring their eligibility into question.  

The British Safety Council will be publishing information concerning the winning organisations to promote the awards, the celebratory lunch and to help disseminate best practice.