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Systems Review

A review of how effectively health, safety and environmental management systems are being implemented.

Independent review
Recommendations for improvement
Benchmark effective SHE management between sites
A base point for more in-depth auditing
Our review proved very useful as an independent view of ‘where we were’ in terms of health and safety. We particularly liked the bespoke nature of the review as we were able to specify some areas. Several improvements were implemented as a direct result
Matthew Stubblefield
Health and Safety Manager, Croudace Homes
Who is the audit for?
We have developed our Systems Review specifically for the following sectors:
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Facilities management
  • Education.
We are also able to tailor the review to many more industries and requirements.

What does it cover?
Use our review to know how effectively your organisation’s health, safety or environmental arrangements are being implemented. Suitable for single and multiple sites to benchmark
your systems. Available for safety and environmental management systems.​

Useful Downloads:
Retail specification
Healthcare specification
Construction specification 
Facilities management specification

Systems Review factsheet

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Benefits include:
  • Independent review of how effectively your systems are being implemented at a selected site(s)
  • Recommendations for improvement within a user-friendly report including an action planning table
  • Ongoing support to help you maximise business efficiencies from your management systems
  • Opportunity to benchmark effective management between sites
  • Provides a base point for more in-depth auditing
  • A cost-effective solution to maintaining health and safety standards across the business.

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+44 (0)20 3510 8355

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Our auditors visit your site(s) that are to be included within the scope and will carry out a review of your safety or environmental management systems and associated arrangements against the specification.

We provide you with a specification which contains:
  • An outline of each element of the review
  • Details of a quantifiable scoring process
  • The typical information required during the review
  • Suggestion for personnel required during the review (interviewees).
The specification is discussed with your site management before the review takes place.

After the review you will receive a summary report with recommendations for improvement and details of how well your systems and arrangements are being implemented.

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Internationally recognised, our audit and consultancy services are the best way to ensure your safety and environmental management systems are fit for purpose and effectively implemented.

Standardisation and quality assurance
British Safety Council auditors are appropriately qualified, highly experienced health and safety professionals who are subject to a robust internal quality assurance and appraisal process, in addition to the requirements of relevant professional bodies with whom they are members.

All audit reports are technically verified and quality-endorsed before being issued to clients and auditors are also subject to “on-site” monitoring (subject to client agreement) on a sampling basis. Annual standardisation meetings are held, at which auditor attendance is mandatory.

Our expertise
Use our experts to guide you through the latest changes in standards and legislation. Our dedicated, experienced and highly competent team of consultants work around the world and across all sectors. We help identify where and how you can improve your safety and environmental management systems and performance. We assist in validating and improving policies, procedures and protocols for effective management and provide clear recommendations to continually improve your performance.​

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