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ISO Environmental Audit

BS EN ISO 14001 is a universally recognised standard for environmental management systems. Make the transition to the 2015 standard and continue to enhance your environmental performance.

Improved management of environmental risk
Reduces waste
Reduced emission and discharges
Competitive edge in tender applications
Who is the audit for?
The ISO 14001 standard can be applied to any workplace, regardless of size or complexity, looking to demonstrate their commitment environmental management standards.

It helps organisations take a proactive approach to managing environmental issues and improving performance. Independent certification to the standard confirms that the environmental management systems and arrangements are designed to meet recognised criteria.

What does it cover?
The audit is the world’s most recognised standard used to assess the status of an organisation’s environmental management system against defined requirements.

Our auditors visit your site(s) that are to be included within the scope of the certification. They will carry out a review of your environmental management systems and associated arrangements against the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard. This will be undertaken through a process of document review, interviews with key personnel and inspection of your organisation’s operations and premises. This audit process will include sampling of operational activities to ensure effective implementation of the environmental management system.

Following a successful formal review of your environmental management system. your organisation will be awarded BS EN ISO14001 certification to the relevant 2004 or 2015 version of the standard you have chosen to be assessed against. Your certificate will be valid for three years, and your organisation will undergo annual surveillance visits during this time. This is to ensure the requirements of the standard are being maintained and continually improved. 

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ISO 14001 factsheet

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Benefits include:
  • Identify, monitor and control your environmental aspects and associated impacts
  • Reduce environmental risk and potential liabilities
  • Maintain compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Prevent pollution and reduce waste, energy and other resources
  • Improve environmental awareness within your business
  • Improve the environmental performance within your business and across your supply chain
  • Reduced emission and discharges
  • Competitive edge in tender applications to win new business
  • Engages stakeholders and can attract ethical investment
  • Improve your company’s reputation, corporate responsibility and promote sustainability.

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The audit can be carried out in two stages (see below) or alternatively in a “one off” initial compliance audit visit.

Stage one audit
This is primarily a document review of the environmental management system to ensure the requirements of the standard are in place. Dependent upon the outcome of this stage, the auditor will recommend and agree the schedule and date for the stage two audit.
Stage two audit
This will involve a review and completion of any nonconformances identified within the stage one process, together with a sampling of effective implementation of the systems in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard. Following completion of audits you will be provided with a written report which will detail any areas of nonconformance​ and/or observations for improvement of existing systems.​

How long does certification last?
Upon successful completion of the audit process and subsequent awarding of certification, the organisation will be required as a minimum, to undertake annual surveillance audits for the next three years. This is to ensure the requirements of the standard are being maintained and continually improved.

Awareness training
We can also provide ISO 14001 awareness training as part of your preparation for the audit.​

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Internationally recognised, our audit and consultancy services are the best way to ensure your safety and environmental management systems are fit for purpose and effectively implemented.

Standardisation and quality assurance
British Safety Council auditors are appropriately qualified, highly experienced health and safety professionals who are subject to a robust internal quality assurance and appraisal process, in addition to the requirements of relevant professional bodies with whom they are members.

All audit reports are technically verified and quality-endorsed before being issued to clients and auditors are also subject to “on-site” monitoring (subject to client agreement) on a sampling basis. Annual standardisation meetings are held, at which auditor attendance is mandatory.

Our expertise
Use our experts to guide you through the latest changes in standards and legislation. Our dedicated, experienced and highly competent team of consultants work around the world and across all sectors. We help identify where and how you can improve your safety and environmental management systems and performance. We assist in validating and improving policies, procedures and protocols for effective management and provide clear recommendations to continually improve your performance.​

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