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Five Star Safety, Health and Environmental Integrated Audit

A comprehensive audit to benchmark safety, health and environmental management performance against the latest best practice.

Improves safety performance, workforce morale and wellbeing
Potentially reduced rates of accidents, injuries and ill health
Demonstrate your commitment to environmental and sustainability issues
Enhances reputation
Who is it for?
The audit is designed for those organisations who have developed and implemented an integrated safety, health and environmental management system. The audit is best suited to organisations that require a detailed and objective evaluation of their SHE (safety, health and environmental) system in one comprehensive process. The audit measures performance against best practice indicators. It identifies areas of positive/negative practice and provides a structured approach to continuous improvement.

What does it cover?
The audit goes beyond the requirements of established systems such as OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 by benchmarking safety, health and environmental management systems (and arrangements) against current best practice techniques.

Useful downloads
Five Star SHE Audit factsheet
Five Star SHE Audit specification

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The audit will help you demonstrate the excellence of your system to customers, supply chain and other stakeholders and be more resource efficient.

Benefits include:
  • Verification and independent recognition of the effectiveness of your integrated SHE management system(s) in one comprehensive audit
  • A detailed audit report outlining the findings of the audit, quantified outcomes, associated areas of improvement with detailed recommendations
  • Potential for improved performance, workforce morale and wellbeing
  • Potentially reduced rates of accidents, injuries, ill health, litigation costs and improved productivity
  • The exclusive certificates and logos can be used to demonstrate your success
  • Enhanced reputation and marketing opportunities.

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Designed to provide a comprehensive, independent and quantified evaluation of an organisation’s entire health, safety and environmental management systems and arrangements.

The audit identifies areas of strength and weakness, providing an overall score and subsequent grading, together with recommended further improvements where required.

Scoring and grading system
The Five Star Audit is an audit conducted using the British Safety Council’s numerical safety grading system.​ The overall audit grading is as follows:

Audit report
Upon completion of the audit process, a detailed report is prepared by the auditor and will be issued within 28 days.
The report content will include:
  • Executive Summary (including graphical performance indicators)
  • Overall star grading and sectional scoring
  • Observations
  • Recommendations for Improvement
  • Action planning tables.​

Those organisations that achieve the maximum five star grading are eligible to apply for the Sword of Honour and Globe of Honour, prestigious awards that recognise the ‘best of the best’ in occupational health, safety and environmental management from around the globe.​

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Internationally recognised, our audit and consultancy services are the best way to ensure your safety and environmental management systems are fit for purpose and effectively implemented.

Standardisation and quality assurance
British Safety Council auditors are appropriately qualified, highly experienced health and safety professionals who are subject to a robust internal quality assurance and appraisal process, in addition to the requirements of relevant professional bodies with whom they are members.

All audit reports are technically verified and quality-endorsed before being issued to clients and auditors are also subject to “on-site” monitoring (subject to client agreement) on a sampling basis. Annual standardisation meetings are held, at which auditor attendance is mandatory.

Our expertise
Use our experts to guide you through the latest changes in standards and legislation. Our dedicated, experienced and highly competent team of consultants work around the world and across all sectors. We help identify where and how you can improve your safety and environmental management systems and performance. We assist in validating and improving policies, procedures and protocols for effective management and provide clear recommendations to continually improve your performance.​

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