Systems review

The systems review can be tailored to suit any organisation. Sector specific versions currently include: Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Construction and Facilities Management.

The Systems Review process tells you exactly how effectively your health and safety and/or environmental management systems are being implemented across specific areas of your business (either across different locations or within specific departments). This is the ideal way to prepare for a more in-depth audit.

Completing a systems review will help you to understand how effectively your health, safety and/or environmental management systems are being implemented. For organisations with multiple sites, this is an effective and straightforward way to compare performances across the different locations.

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Why systems review?

  • 1.

    Independent review

  • 2.


  • 3.

    Benchmark effective SHE management between sites

  • 4.

    A base point for more in-depth auditing

  • 5.


How does it work?

Our expert auditors visit the site(s) that you wish to be included in the audit. They will carry out a review of your safety and/or environment systems against our specification, which is discussed and agreed with your relevant management in advance.

A summary report with recommendations for improvement is generated, as well as details about how effectively your systems and arrangements are being implemented. For comparative purposes, the systems review adopts a scoring system.

Why choose the British Safety Council?

Our audit and consultancy services are internationally recognised and are the best way to ensure your health, safety and environmental management systems (and associated arrangements) are suitable for your business requirements, promote continual improvement and are effectively implemented.

As part of our own quality control processes, we ensure:

  • Our audit and consultancy products are regularly reviewed to meet customer needs, expectations and sector best practice
  • Consistently high standards of service are achieved through a robust quality assurance process including auditor standardisation, training and performance monitoring
  • Our technical specialists serve on strategic committees for occupational health, safety and environmental standards
  • We have a unique internationally recognised best practice (five star) audit process
  • Industry recognition from awards such as the prestigious Sword or Globe of Honour.
“Our safety systems review proved very useful as an independent view of ‘where we were’ in terms of health and safety. We particularly liked the bespoke nature of the review as we were able to specify some areas. Several improvements were implemented as a direct result.”
Matthew Stubblefield, Health and Safety Manager, Croudace Homes.

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