Free access to online health and wellbeing resources for schools to help them manage COVID-19

The COVID pandemic has been a challenging period for schools and the wider education sector, with teachers facing additional pressures and demands to support childrens’ learning and often to soothe their anxieties, as well as their own, worries.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, the British Safety Council offered a series of free online resources to help managers and staff adapt to new ways of working. To support schools during this difficult period, we are now specifically offering them free access to our new Being Well Together resource hub, which covers health and wellbeing, as well as various digital learning modules, until the end of 2020. To take up the offer, schools should email [email protected].

An Ofsted report into the impact of the pandemic published this week found that children who were hardest hit by school closures and restrictions have regressed in some basic skills and learning. It also found that some older children show signs of mental distress, including an increase in eating disorders and self-harm.

Schools can also become a Supporter of the broader British Safety Council’s Being Well Together programme, launched in September, which is a new integrated solution for all health and wellbeing needs and brings together the latest thinking from experts. The programme will enable a school, or any other organisation, to assess its current requirements and health and wellbeing provision, understand any gaps and explore the most effective measures for it to take. To become a supporter of the Being Well Together programme, schools and other interested organisations should email [email protected].

Jigna Patel, the British Safety Council’s Managing Director Qualifications, Digital & Subscriptions, commented,

“We recognise the challenges and struggles schools are facing to keep safe and open during the COVID-19 pandemic and we want to support them during this difficult period. The work of teachers is vital to the future success and happiness of all pupils.

The challenges and the changes necessitated by COVID are on a scale not seen before with schools required to take on extra responsibilities. Naturally, this has had an impact on teaching and non-teaching staff and leadership teams in schools.

So, we are pleased to offer schools in the UK and overseas free access to our online resources. It means schools can get the benefits of structured face-to-face learning, but with the convenience of digital delivery so teachers can study from where and when they like.

What seems increasingly clear is that the impact of school closures in the summer may well be felt for some time, not only in terms of education, but also on the lives and wellbeing of young people”.