Mates in Mind wins the 2018 Mowlem Award from B&CE’s Charitable Trust

Mates in Mind wins the 2018 Mowlem Award from B&CE’s Charitable Trust

Mates in Mind has won the prestigious Mowlem Award from B&CE’s Charitable Trust in recognition of its contribution to improving mental health and wellbeing in the construction industry, through its training, awareness raising and educational efforts. The Award, now in its fourth year, is granted to organisations that make a real difference to training and promotion of health and safety in the construction industry.

Mental health in construction is a significant issue, with over a third of construction workers having experienced a condition in the past year, and almost a quarter of workers considering leaving the industry due to mental health-related issues (source: Randstad).

Mates in Mind is a charity set up for and by the construction industry with the support of the British Safety Council, to help organisations improve mental health and wellbeing of their workforce. Since rolling out its programme in September 2017 after a pilot phase, more than 120 construction companies have become Supporters of the charity, each of whom are striving to improve the mental health and wellbeing of their own workforce and across the wider industry.

Founded in 1942, B&CE is a non-profit membership organisation creating and providing financial products for its members, as well as developing new approaches to occupational health management in the construction industry.  B&CE Charitable Trust helps individuals who suffer financial hardship and provides grants for health and safety initiatives. 

Joscelyne Shaw, Executive Director for Mates in Mind, said: “We are delighted to be this year’s recipient of the B&CE Mowlem Award. It serves to recognise the work Mates in Mind and our programme’s partners, business and charitable champions, and their employees, in bringing about an improved understanding of mental health and wellbeing. It sends a strong message about the role workplaces can play in supporting employees’ mental health.

“Our approach focuses on building understanding, knowledge and confidence amongst all workers, throughout the business, so that they can get the help they need and identify colleagues who could benefit from further support. The funding from the Mowlem Award will help us reach apprentices who are considering entering the industry. This will help to build a legacy for the industry, given that a significant proportion of apprentices will go on to run their own businesses.”

Nicola Sinclair, B&CE Charitable Trust Manager, commented: “We are very pleased to grant this year’s award to Mates in Mind, a fantastic charity with ambitious aims to raise awareness of mental ill health in the construction industry; help people access the guidance they need and end the stigma surrounding mental ill-health.”