Making workplaces around the world healthier and safer

Chief Executive of the British Safety Council will explore the nature of wellbeing at work at the Global HSE Conference in Kuwait.

Mike Robinson, Chief Executive of the British Safety Council, will be a keynote speaker at the Global HSE International Conference and Exhibition in Kuwait on 13 February 2018.  He will present the business case for managing health and wellbeing in the workplace and explore the nature of workplace wellbeing.

Mike Robinson said: “While the business case for managing safety is well documented and understood, the case for managing health and wellbeing is just as compelling, but the progress is not as strong. Health conditions are much more difficult to define and manage. That’s why businesses need to adopt a holistic approach to promoting wellbeing and the resilience of their staff. Progress in relation to health and wellbeing can only be made when organisations move beyond the need to comply with regulations and inspire employees to engage in wellbeing – this will benefit them personally as well as their companies.

"Organisations will only be sustainable if they look after their people and help them look after themselves. Let’s use what we’ve learnt over the years from managing safety and apply it to managing health and wellbeing.

The Global HSE 2018 International Conference and Exhibition will be held in Kuwait on 12-14 February 2018. The event is hosted by Kuwait Petroleum Corporation under the aegis of the Ministry of Oil, Ministry of Electricity & Water, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Health and Kuwait Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The conference provides a platform for stakeholders from various parts of the world to build partnerships and share knowledge in the field of health, safety and environmental management.