British Safety Council supports Time to Talk Day

Mental health is a difficult subject to discuss, not least in the workplace. The British Safety Council is pleased to lend its support for Time to Talk Day and encourage our members and others to do the same.

Neal Stone, Policy and Standards Director of the British Safety Council, explains why the British Safety Council is backing the campaign. “We know that there are major challenges when it comes to mental health and work, and it affects government, businesses and ultimately individuals – without question more needs to be done, and it starts with creating the space to have the conversations. Time to Talk Day is an important campaign to get this conversation going.

“In the UK mental ill-health costs £70 billion per year according to a recent OECD report. This is roughly 4.5% of GDP, in lost productivity at work, benefit payments and health care expenditure. Employers have a role to play in tackling this as better policies and practices in identifying and addressing these conditions help create the space for people to recognise and deal with mental health issues and get back to work. It can start with a few simple steps like talking to staff and building healthy workplaces.

“Our video, Mental health at work, made with the generous support of Mind and the Centre for Mental Health, identifies the role the workplace can play in managing mental health risks through, for example, surveys and training, as well as the importance of spotting the symptoms of mental health problems early. We are making available free to download one of our posters to promote within businesses. Together, employers and employees, should take time to talk about mental health.”

The Time to Talk Day campaign website can be found here. The site has many useful resources, including how the campaign can be adopted in the workplace. Mind and the Centre for Mental Health websites also have resources for businesses to help them build healthy workplaces and give support to people with mental health problems. More information on what our members are doing to tackle mental health at work can be found online on our Safety Management website.

To support Time to Talk Day we are making one of our full colour posters available for free download during February. Don’t Let Stress Be Your World encourages workers to talk to their managers and colleagues about any stress they may be suffering. Download it here:

Additional posters on dealing with and talking about personal stress and ending the stigma about mental health issues can be purchased at our online shop at: