Pushing health and safety up the business agenda in India

Alex Botha, Chief Executive of the British Safety Council, delivered the keynote address to the 2013 Joint Chamber of Indian Industry and British Safety Council National Safety Conclave during his extensive visit to India.

Mr Botha, in his address, urged those businesses attending the conclave in Bangalore on 8 May to join with the British Safety Council to help deliver the vision that no one should be injured or made ill by work.

“We have been working in India for many decades and we count many of India’s largest and most respected companies as our partners. We are determined to work with our partners here to make our vision a reality. As a not-for-profit and a membership organisation, representing thousands of businesses, the British Safety Council has, for almost sixty years, strived to keep people safe and well through the provision of education, guidance and support to build the competence and develop the skills necessary to effectively manage workplace risks.”

Mr Botha stressed the vitally important role that business leaders in India have to play in keeping employees safe from harm and injury,“We all understand that without visible and committed leadership and buy-in, exemplary and pervasive health, safety and environmental performance is not possible.  It is a fact that when serious accidents occur, resulting in death or serious injury, strong and effective leadership is often lacking.  If we are going to tackle the global burden of workplace ill health and injury we need strong and influential leaders. The CII Safety Conclave can make a valuable contribution to helping deliver that goal.”

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The British Safety Council is a global health, safety and environmental charity. Our vision is that no one should be killed or made ill at work.
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