Five Star Occupational Health and Safety Audit revamped

The British Safety Council has revised its Five Star Occupational Health and Safety Audit by placing greater emphasis on assessing safety culture, leadership and employee wellbeing when reviewing an organisation’s overall health and safety performance.

The Five Star Occupational Health and Safety Audit provides a detailed and objective evaluation of an organisation’s occupational health and safety management system, benchmarking it against current best practice and providing an overall score and grading. 

Used globally by organisations of all sizes and in all sectors of business and industry, the audit verifies the effectiveness of an organisation’s health and safety arrangements, identifies areas of strength and weakness and provides recommendations for improvement where necessary. 

The audit focuses on five aspects of an organisation’s safety management systems and documentation – including policy and organisation, strategy and planning, implementation and review. However, the topics have been updated to more closely reflect internationally recognised approaches to formal safety management.

In particular, throughout the audit, two new important indicators of an organisation’s safety culture – director and management leadership and continuous improvement in safety attitudes and behaviours – are now continually assessed. Providing sufficient scores are achieved under these indicators, this can result in additional marks of 0.5-2%. There is also greater emphasis on assessing the effectiveness of the organisation’s approaches to occupational health, employee wellbeing, allocation of resources for health and safety and planning for health and safety changes – all of which have emerged as important best practice issues in recent years.

Best practice
David Parr, head of product development and delivery at the British Safety Council, said: “The Five Star Audit is a highly valued and respected method for assessing the quality and effectiveness of an organisation’s health and safety management system, so it is important the audit process reflects best practice trends within this area. 

“The inclusion of the two new safety management indicators for leadership and continuous improvement reflect their importance in ensuring high quality safety management. We have also overhauled the audit report document to provide a more accessible executive summary in graphical format, enabling employers to quickly identify both good performance and suggested areas for improvement". 

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