Branching out into Latin America

The British Safety Council is taking its first steps in Latin America with the introduction of seven safety qualifications to Colombia.

The newly-formed Latin American Industrial Safety Training Organisation (LISTO) is leading the September roll out, which includes the British Safety Council’s Entry Level Award in Workplace Hazard Awareness, the International Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health, four Level 2 risk assessment courses and the Level 2 award in Supervising Staff Safely. 

Roger Pérez, industrial safety consultant from LISTO, said: “We place huge value and importance on our partnership with the British  Safety Council. 

“Colombian and Latin American HSE standards are ever-improving, and we hope to be a pivotal part of facilitating and accelerating that improvement. Our qualifications will add technical expertise to the practical application of safety processes and standards, and also influence and drive safety standards across all sectors.”

Based in Medellin, Colombia’s second largest city, LISTO’s customers are likely to be multi-nationals, and engineering companies. It will offer internationally accredited health, safety and environmental courses in English and Spanish. Starting in Colombia, LISTO aims to deliver courses across Latin America in two years.

The British Safety Council’s business manager, Henry Redshaw, said: “We are delighted to be working with LISTO where there is such an obvious commitment to teaching excellent health and safety.”

Colombia exports large amounts of oil and coal to the rest of the world – some 40% of its total exports – and is rich in natural resources. According to the investment bank Goldman Sachs, the Brazilian and Mexican economies will be the fourth and fifth largest in the world respectively by 2050. Roger added: “This alliance will also serve to raise the British Safety Council’s profile on a global level.”