Message from Mike Robinson (March 2021)

Dear Members and Customers

It has been a couple of months since my last update and I want to give you all a quick update on what has been happening at British Safety Council. With the imminent relaxation of UK COVID related restrictions, I also want to confirm our plans for returning to face to face delivery.

Year to date performance

Overall, we have had a very positive start to 2021, with many members and customers continuing to embrace our remote services in education and auditing. Your support for our prestigious International Safety Awards has also been tremendous. We have unfortunately had to cancel the gala dinner again this year, but we are hopeful of returning to this event in 2022 and have already pencilled this into our calendar.

India overall as a country has been hugely impacted by COVID, but they seem to be coming out the other side and support from India members and customers has been very strong, moving back towards pre-pandemic levels.

Since the launch of our COVID Assurance Assessment Service in 2020, hundreds of organisations have taken up this service, which provides organisations with the comfort they need and want to safeguard their staff. Although there has been lots of interest from around the world, Indian organisations, in particular, have embraced this new important service. If you have not already talked to us about our Assurance Assessment Service, you can find out more here.

Your support remains vital

Despite these positives, conditions remain challenging and unpredictable for us all. As a charity and membership organisation we are hugely reliant on the financial support that members provide. We realise that membership of British Safety Council is voluntary but your continued support in these difficult times enables us to deliver our charitable work. In fact, alongside our COVID lobbying activities, and as part of our charitable purpose, we recently provided free access to some of our most important mental health related digital learning courses.

Returning to face to face delivery

With non-essential retail and other restrictions due to be relaxed in the UK from 12 April 2021, we are planning to move back to face to face delivery of training and audit and consultancy services from this date.

Although we are hopeful of being able to provide these services face to face from 12 April, for the time being, I encourage you to consider our remote services like Live Online training first and foremost. Much of our training can be provided on-line. Like training, much of our audit work has moved to remote delivery, with excellent client feedback too. Please talk to your account manager about your options.

Clearly, we are not out of the woods yet on COVID, however, there are signs of improvement particularly in the UK. We will continue to work with members and customers to support your efforts and continue to deliver the services that you need, want and expect from us. If you have any questions or concerns please do talk to your account manager who is fully equipped to work remotely.

Best regards

Mike Robinson

Chief Executive