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Safer communities: six lessons in Health and Safety

How to run a health and safety workshop in 90 minutes.

Would you like to do something for your local community?

We know that many small businesses, charities and community groups can find health and safety burdensome. We also know that successful activities are safe activities. 

In celebration of our 60th anniversary in 2017, the British Safety Council is providing people with experience in health and safety, human resources and people development (trainers, facilitators or mentors for example) with free resources to run 90 minute workshops for people active in their local community.

6 lessons in safety - free workshops- bsc

People will be shown how to break down the perceived complexity of health and safety and benefit from tools that enable them to successfully get on with their plans and activities. In return you will be able to contribute to your local community and to your own corporate social responsibility objectives. We have already run some initial workshops, and feedback has been very positive.

The resources provided here are for you. They include a video showing you how to run the workshop, with a brief and slide presentation, scenarios (hand-out sheets) and the card with six lessons (for you to print from), all downloadable for you to use. You just need to find a room with the right equipment and invite people along.

Workshops are best with small groups working together (we recommend up to 12 to 14 people), with delegates using their existing knowledge, instincts and experience to identify hazards, causes of incidents and ways to prevent them.

Workshops will focus on three specific themes:

  • Risk assessment
  • Learning from incidents
  • Managing your activities

At the end of the session, your delegates will be able to use practical information to help make their activities successful and safe, whatever they want to achieve. 

Downloadable resources

  • 60th Anniversary presentation (.pptx, 4.88MB)
  • Tutor brief document (.docx, 0.09MB)
  • The six lessons card (.pdf, 0.06MB)
  • Task 1 - The wood mill visit (.docx, 1.38MB)
  • Task 2 - Garden clearance work (.docx, 1.65MB)
  • Task 3 - Redecorating the village hall (.docx, 1.22MB)


Contact [email protected] to let us know about any session you run, including how many people attended.